Welcome, and we are glad you decided to join us here at Blackie’s Bootcamp!

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Just wear whatever active sports wear you are comfortable in, and don’t forget to wear enclosed footwear (no plugga’s allowed!)

You will also want to bring a drink bottle and a (mandatory) towel. We have water and sports drinks available for purchase from our Coffee & Juice bar.

For the non-contact striking components of each workout you will need a pair of hybrid striking gloves (see below), or if you purchased a strike pack, you will have received a pair of gloves along with your myzone heart rate strap. We have sanitised gloves available for use for those who do not have gloves as yet.

The following is available for purchase from our online STORE (click on the applicable link):

Here are a few examples of the hybrid gloves that allow you to strike bags and pads with comfort and also allow you to carry out other exercises without the need to remove your gloves due to the open hand palm design.


You can just turn up at any time during operational hours. There are no fixed class times allowing great flexibility of attending when it best suits you!

On arrival, your instructor will greet you and get you warmed up. You then start your first round.

Each day depending on the goal for the day; SHRED, SCULPT, STRONG you will complete a coached 40 to 50 minute workout of 8 to 12 x 3-5 minute rounds (with a 30 sec to 1 min rest between rounds) made up from a wide variety of goal focused functional fitness exercises and kickbox inspired bag and pad work.

You will be guided throughout the whole process by one of our highly qualified instructors. Be prepared to sweat as you will burn a heap of calories (up to 750!) during our fast, fun and varied workouts that will keep you motivated and engaged.

For for extra functionality and features, download our PTminder app available from your app store.

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